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Best Home EV Charger for Polestar 2

Polestar 2 is the first fully electric mass-market model from Polestar, a sub-brand of Volvo. The Polestar 2 is recognized for its elevated sedan/liftback ride height and clever Android based operating system.

Electric drivetrain options on the Polestar 2 include a standard range 64 kWh battery, as well as a 78 kWh long range variant.  The larger battery pack can be paired with either front-wheel-drive or dual motor all-wheel-drive, while the smaller battery is only available with FWD. The rated EPA range for the dual motor trim is a respectable 249 miles, but buyers who want to maximize range could get 270 miles out of the car with the larger battery and single motor.

Polestar 2 charges using a J1772 / CCS charging connector. The onboard equipment supports speeds of up to 11 kW at home with a capable Level 2 home AC charger. Expect a 7-9 hour overnight charge if you’ve completely depleted the battery. Below are our top picks for the best home charger for the Polestar 2.

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ChargePoint Home Flex (50 Amp)

ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint is a reputable brand in public charging as well as home charging. The Home Flex is a current favorite with a combination of attractive design, 50 amp performance, and responsive customer support.

At the higher end of home chargers, the Home Flex is able to deliver up to 50 amps to your EV, which translates to approx. 36 miles of range added per hour. The companion ChargePoint app allows you to schedule charging sessions when electricity is cheapest, as well as send reminders if you forget to plug in your Polestar 2.

Compatible with most EVs on the market, the ChargePoint Home Flex is our top choice for drivers of high performance electric vehicles like the Polestar 2.


  • Up to 50 amp charging, 9 times faster than wall outlet
  • 23 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50, NEMA 6-50, or hardwired options
  • UL Listed; safe and eligible for rebates/incentives in many states


Energy Star Certified, Wifi connectivity, Alexa voice assistant compatibility, choice of NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 plugs, configurable between 16 and 50 amps


Dependent on the smartphone app and Internet connection for configuration and initiating charge

Wallbox Pulsar Plus (48/40 Amp)

Wallbox Pulsar Plus for Polestar 2

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is our top pick for a charger with a compact and attractive design at just 7.8″ x 7.9″ x 3.9″ in dimensions.

Available in 40 and 48 amp versions, the Pulsar Plus can charge up to 8 times faster than Level 1 (120v) charging. Like the Blink Charger, it features a 25-foot-long cable. The 48 amp version is able to deliver up to 11.5 kW of power, cutting down charge times to just a few hours rather than overnight.

Wallbox also works great for households with multiple EVs that need to be charged simultaneously. Two or more Wallbox chargers on the same circuit can communicate with each other and balance the available household power between chargers. Read our full review here


  • 40 and 48 amp versions
  • 25 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50 outlet, or hardwired
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity


Compact design with clear indicator lights, Wallbox app for control and charge monitoring


The app is rather basic compared to other chargers

Electrify America Level 2 Charger (40 Amp)

Electrify America Level-2 for Polestar 2

Polestar owners have likely heard of Electrify America, it is the brand behind the largest public fast charging network in the US, outside of Tesla’s Supercharger network. Electrify America has an excellent charger for home too, delivering up to 40 amps.

Frequent users of Electrify America’s public network will appreciate the integration of this home charger with the Electrify America app. Using a single app for managing both home and public charging is the main competitive advantage of this home charger.

The EA home charger is widely compatible with all EVs that support the standard Type 2 (J1772) charging connector. The 24 foot vehicle connector cable is thick and sturdy, suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.


  • Up to 40 amps, can be configured as low as 16 amps
  • 24 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50, or can be hardwired
  • UL Listed
  • Wifi Connectivity


Energy Star Certified and UL Listed, reputable brand and excellent customer support, one app for both public and home charging, 3 year warranty


The charger box is physically larger than most, at 15.75″ x 8.66″. The glossy black plastic shell is sturdy, but may not appeal to everyone.

Amazon Basics Level 2 Charging Station (32 Amp)

Amazon Basics Level 2 Charging Station for Polestar 2

AmazonBasics brand is known for its no frills, but dependable products. That was exactly our conclusion with their Level 2 Home Charging Station.

AmazonBasics undercuts the premium brands on price without sacrificing much on design or quality. The 32 amp rating will add about 25 miles of driving range per hour of charge, which is plenty if the majority of your charging is done overnight. The clean white box design will blend seamlessly into its surroundings (especially against white walls).

Like the other simple chargers from our rankings, there is no connectivity or scheduling with this charger. You will need to rely on your EV’s internal settings/apps for that.


  • 32 amps
  • Cable length: 18 and 25 foot versions available
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 6-50 outlet, can be hardwired


RedDot Design winner, easy to use, undercuts competitors on price, can be installed outdoors


No apps or connectivity, tops out at 32 amps, one year warranty

Keruida Level 2 (32 Amp)

Keruida Level 2 EV Charger for Polestar

Keruida’s Level 2 32 amp charger is another great value option that frequently goes on sale. This charger can be used for portability, as well as a main home charging station. Although it is IP65 rated for water resistance, we would not recommend this charger for extended outdoor usage, especially not in extreme climates.  

We like the generous 25 foot long charge cable that allows drivers to park their cars in either front/rear orientation. There are five amperage settings between 16 and 32 amps for flexibility on a range of circuits. 


  • 32 amps
  • 25 foot charge cable
  • Indoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50 wall plug


Great value level 2 charger with 25 foot long cable. An easy to use delay timer helps you take advantage of low time-of-use electricity rates.


Not suitable as a main charger for outdoor operation. The J1772 side of the cable is water resistant, but the NEMA 14-50 side may be exposed to moisture. 

Blink Home Charger

Blink is another commercial charging equipment manufacturer that expanded into home charging products. Blink offers a high quality commercial-grade charger with a peak output of 32 amps. The simplicity of operation could make the Blink charger a great choice for less tech-savvy drivers to transition into EV ownership.

While not the most powerful charger, 32 amps equates to 7.6 kW of power, enough to top up most EVs overnight from empty.

The high quality cable is a generous 25 feet long, and should be able to reach your EV’s charge port no matter how you park it in your garage or driveway.


  • Up to 32 amp charging
  • 25 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 6-50 plug 


Energy Star Certified, UL listed, dead simple to use, clear status indicator lights


No app or smart connectivity

Polestar 2 Charging Fast Facts

EV Charging ConnectorJ1772 / CCS
Battery Capacity64 – 78 kWh
Level 2 Charging Power11 kW
Level 2 Max Amps48 A
Level 2 [20-80%] Charge Time3.5-4.5 Hours
Level 3 Peak Power~150 kW

Level 3 DC Charging Curve

Polestar 2 DC Charging Curve for 78 kWh vs. 64 kWh

Frequently Asked Questions about charging the Polestar 2

What kind of charging adapter does the Polestar 2 use for charging at home?

Standard Type 2 connector, like the most other modern EVs.

How fast can the Polestar 2 charge at home?

Level 2 home charging up to 11 kW is supported on AC at 48 amps. Keep in mind that you will need a hard wired, professionally installed setup to get 48 amps. Most plug-in style NEMA 14-50 home chargers will max out at 40 amps.

What is the range of the Polestar 2?

With the larger battery pack and AWD, the EPA rates the range at 249 miles with a mixed city/highway cycle. The FWD version with the larger battery can go as much as 270 miles.

Can you charge a Polestar 2 with a regular wall outlet?

Yes, the Polestar 2 comes with a mobile charging cable that supports Level 1 (normal 120v outlet) and Level 2 charging. For added convenience and charging speed, we recommend installing a dedicated home charging station, such as the ones from the list above.

Can Polestar cars use Tesla Superchargers?

Not in the United States or Canada as of right now. Tesla Superchargers are testing access to non-Tesla cars in Europe. However, no tests have started in North America in the present day. Tesla uses a proprietary connector in North America, and will need to upgrade Superchargers with CCS plugs, or offer adapters before they can offer service to other brands.

Where is the charging plug located on the Polestar 2?

The charging port is located on the left-side rear corner of the car. This is the most optimal placement for left-hand drive markets, as the plug is on the driver’s side.Polestar 2 Charging port location on the driver side rear quarter panel

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