Two-Car Household? Why (at least) One Should be Electric

Why it makes sense to own an EV in a two car household

Fully electric cars continue to grow their market share or new car sales worldwide, and hovering around 6-7% in the US in recent months. In urban areas especially, EVs can be spotted at pretty much every intersection. As we’re approaching the inflection point, electric cars are popular not only with early adopters but with regular […]

Three Very Different Approaches to Home EV Charging Apps

Three Very Different Approaches to making home EV charger apps

I have personally tried and tested more than sixteen EV home charging stations (EVSEs). Two more are currently being tested, and there is at least another one waiting inside a box. So. Many. EV Chargers… I’ve learned a lot about what makes a product easy to use and live with, and helped brands with feedback […]

Why Rental Companies are Dumping EVs

Why rental companies are dumping EV inventory

Over the last several months, we’ve seen headlines about rental companies like Hertz offloading some of the electric vehicles from their fleets in favor of more gasoline-combustion cars. This feels like a step backward to me and other EV advocates. But what is driving this hard reality check at rental companies? Depreciation and Repair Costs […]