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Our feature reviews take popular EV charging products through a full suite of tests. Unlike many online reviewers, we actually acquire the product, go through the setup and installation process, and test with at least two different electric vehicles. Our “reviews” mean reviews, not internet research.

  • AMPROAD iFLow P9 Full Review

    AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV Charger Full Review

    While reviewing the iFlow P9 from AMPROAD, we were debating whether it is more of a home based EV charger or a portable one. That is because this product has qualities of both categories, and it is surprisingly versatile given the price point. There are portable chargers built well enough to serve as full time […]

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  • Lectron 40 AMP Full Hand-on Review

    Lectron 40 AMP (Portable) EV Charger Full Review

    The Lectron 40 AMP portable charger is one of the most popular level 2 EV chargers from the brand. After reading consistently good user reviews of this product on Amazon, we decided to purchase one for review. This product has a NEMA 14-50 receptacle connector on one end, a 15 foot extension leading from the […]

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  • Morec Portable EV Charger Review

    Morec Portable EV Charger Full Review

    The Morec portable EV charging cable is readily available online and comes in 32 and 40 amp versions. All versions some with the industry standard J1772 car connector on one end, but the buyer has a choice between NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 receptacle connectors on the other end. (The 14-50 is more commonly used […]

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  • Emporia Level 2 Home EV Charger Review

    Emporia Smart Level 2 EV Charger Full Review

    Emporia Level 2 Home charger is found commonly online between $400 and $500, and can supply up to 48 amps of power to an EV when hardwired, or up to 40 amps using a NEMA 14-50 receptacle. Although the Emporia charger is on the lower end of the spectrum, smart hardware and design choices make […]

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  • Grizzl-E Level 2 Charger Review

    Grizzl-E Level 2 Charger Full Review

    Grizzl-E Level 2 home charger is manufactured by United Chargers and comes in two main versions; a basic Classic charger and a connected “Smart” version for about $80 extra. Both versions top out at 40 amps (~9 kW), and feature identical hardware other than the extra connectivity option. The charger also comes in several color […]

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  • Pulsar Plus 40 AMP Review

    Wallbox Pulsar Plus Full Review

    The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the most popular home EV charging stations on the market, and for good reason. The combination of good design and simplicity makes this product a great fit for many garages. The Pulsar Plus is available in 40A and 48A versions, and is commonly sold online and in retail […]

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