All My Tesla Model Y Repairs in the First Year and a Half

Delivery Day at Tesla

My Tesla ownership experience has certainly gone through more ups and downs than anyone I know. I’ve got many friends with problem-free cars, and I’ve driven about a dozen other Tesla products without issues. But I got dealt a whole bingo card of issues with my September 2022 Fremont-built Model Y Long Range that were […]

Can A Tesla Play Lossless Audio from a USB drive? Here Is How

How to play FLAC audio files in a Tesla

Tesla cars are essentially computers on wheels, and it’s not surprising that in addition to supporting several streaming services and Bluetooth audio, you can play music from a USB storage device. Tesla drivers looking to elevate the listening experiences above basic compressed web streams can try listening to uncompressed audio files to see if they […]

Why AWD Teslas are Superior in the Winter (Not what you think)

Why Dual Motor AWD Tesla preheat the battery faster in the winter

Tesla offers their mainstream Model 3 and Y vehicles in both single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD configurations. These cars have a powerful permanently magnetized motor on the rear axle, and dual motor variants have an additional electrical induction motor on the front axle. Dual-motor cars actually drive just like single-motor RWD cars most of the […]

Do Tesla’s Vegan Leather Seats Hold Up Long Term?

How do Tesla vegan leather seats hold up over time?

You can’t claim to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation while shipping millions of cars with traditional cow leather, now can you? That is why every Tesla used synthetic animal-free “leather” since 2017 when they really began to scale their car production to new heights. Tesla’s seats are often praised for their above-average levels of […]

Hazy windshield in your Tesla? It could be off-gassing

Hazy windshield in your Tesla? It could be off-gassing

Have you noticed a foggy haze covering the windshield of your Tesla, making it difficult to see out at night? This issue was bothering me for weeks until I discovered the source of the haze. Although I was blasting the windshield with the defog HVAC cycle and using a lot of energy, the haze was […]

Can you charge a Tesla on the ChargePoint network?

Can you charge a Tesla on the ChargePoint network?

ChargePoint is a large-scale charging network operating in the United States and 13 other countries with over 30,000 EV chargers in total. ChargePoint offers a mix of Level 2 destination chargers, as well as some DC fast chargers for charging stops on road trips. ChargePoint also offers a competitive home charging station product that integrates […]

Preproduction Tesla Cybertruck Gallery

Model 3 Charging Next to Cybertruck

We got our closest look yet at a preproduction Cybertruck at New Braunfels Supercharger on November 12th, just an hour south of Giga Texas. It was awe-inspiring to see this thing in sheet metal form after seeing the truck for years in photos. The stainless steel body and overall shape of the truck make it […]

Can you charge a Tesla on the Blink network?

Can you charge a Tesla on the Blink network?

The Blink charging network is a Level 2 public charging network in the US with locations coast to coast. Since 2009, more than 78,000 charging stations have been deployed by Blink, making it one of the largest charging networks. Unlike competitors, Blink designs, manufactures, and operates charging stations by partnering with commercial property owners. This […]

Pro Tip: Quickly Swipe between products in the Tesla app

Easily swipe between cars and Tesla products in the app

If you have more than one Tesla product registered in your account, there is a great little UI easter egg that makes switching between products so simple and fast. When you are viewing a car or home energy product in the app, you can swipe from the left and right edges of the screen to […]

Rented Tesla cars now support Tesla app access

Hertz rental Tesla app access

With recent software updates this year, Tesla made fleet management easier for companies like Hertz that are renting out tens of thousands of Tesla EVs worldwide. Renters can now get a taste of the benefits of the Tesla app that comes with the ownership experience. Previously, Tesla renters were only given a single key card […]