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We strive to help current and future Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers understand charging options during this energy transition in the automotive industry.

Disclosures and Ethics Statement

Editorial Independence
Since our launch in early 2022, existed as an independently owned and operated media publication. We are a team of EV promoters and enthusiasts who aim to educate drivers on the benefits and challenges of charging and driving electric cars. You can find out more about the team on our Contact page.

Review Methodology
In addition to advice articles, we publish reviews of EV charging products and complimentary tools & accessories. Our reviews contain honest and independent assessments from the team, we do not rely on user opinions or manufacturer’s information. We install the products just as the consumer would, test and live with the products for at least two weeks before considering making a purchase recommendation. The editors make their measurements and produce their original data and photos & videos. We stand behind our assessments as experts, after testing the most popular products in the EVSE category for more than two years. Our feedback helped thousands of EV drivers find charging products, and we helped manufacturers improve their hardware & software. You can see our work in action here.

We buy the majority of the products we test, but sometimes manufacturers send us their products for long-term testing. We do not accept products with preconditions or expectations for us to say certain things.

Earnings and Expenses
We participate in affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates and others. When you make purchases using links on this website, we may earn a small commission. Our editorial team does not produce any paid content or reviews. Companies cannot pay for coverage or placement on the website.

Occasionally, we are given complimentary access to events as members of the media. We pay for expenses associated with travel by ourselves. We don’t accept gifts or things of value from companies or PR firms.