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Why Charge Your EV At Home?

Save Time

Charging at home allows the driver to start each morning with optimal battery state of charge and driving range. There is no need to go out of your way to a public charging station. When the EV is parked at home, leave it plugged in to passively charge on a schedule.

Save Money

Electric cars can do most of their charging at home overnight during off-peak electricity rates. This saves you money and helps balance the load on the electric grid. Charging at home can be 3 to 5 times less expensive than charging at public chargers.

Protect the High Voltage Battery

Charging on Level 2 speeds at home helps extend the longevity of the EV’s battery pack compared to Level 3 public fast chargers that introduce a lot of heat. In addition, having a come charging station makes it easy to maintain an optimal state of charge % for when the EV is not used. 


Combine Level 2 home charging with at-home solar for clean and energy independent transportation. As Seen On​

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