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Ford F-150 Lightning Home Charging Guide

Home Chargers for F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning. Photos by Michael Kim.

Updated May 15, 2024, by Michael Kim

The F-150 Lightning is one of the first serious and capable electric pickup trucks to hit the market and is bound to be wildly popular. It has everything drivers love about the legendary F-150 but with the benefits of a fully electric powertrain.

The standard range Lightning truck can charge at 11.3 kW at home on Level 2, while the extended range models can accept as much as 19 kW with the right charging equipment.

But with such large 98 kWh and 131 kWh batteries, how do you keep your F-150 Lightning charged? Below we have rounded up our recommended home chargers.

Note, that the F-150 Lightning Extended Range Trim includes Ford’s own Charge Station Pro with the purchase of the truck. Buyers of the standard range truck will need to buy a separate home charging station.

Chargers for the F-150 Lightning

  1. ChargePoint Home Flex (50 Amp)
  2. Leviton EV48W (48 Amp)
  3. Ford Charge Station Pro (80 Amp)
  4. Autel MaxiCharger (50 Amp)
  5. AMPROAD iFlow P9 (40 Amp)

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F-150 Lightning Charging Fast Facts

EV Charging ConnectorJ1772 / CCS
Battery Capacity98 – 131 kWh
Level 2 Charging Power11 – 19 kW
Level 2 Max Amps48 – 80 A
Level 2 [20-80%] Charge Time~5.5 Hours
Level 3 Peak Power120 – 155 kW

Level 3 DC Charging Curve

DC Level 3 Charging Curve Ford F-150 Lightning

ChargePoint Home Flex (50 Amp)

ChargePoint Home Flex F-150 Ford

ChargePoint is a reputable brand in public charging as well as home charging. The Home Flex is a current favorite with a combination of attractive design, 50-amp performance, and responsive customer support.

At the higher end of home chargers, the Home Flex can deliver up to 50 amps to your F-150. The companion ChargePoint app allows you to schedule charging sessions when electricity is cheapest, and the same app is used for connecting to the ChargePoint public chargers.

ChargePoint Home Flex has all the bells and whistles of fully featured home charging stations and can provide more than enough power at home to charge the F-150 Lightning standard range at full speed (11 kW).


  • Amperage: Up to 50 amps
  • EV Connector: J1772 or NACS
  • Home Connection: NEMA 14-50, 6-50, or hardwire
  • Cord Length: 23 feet
  • Weatherproofing: NEMA 3R
  • Networking: Wi-Fi + BT
  • App Control: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • High-quality cord material
  • Many plug-in installation options
  • Alexa/Google Home integration
  • EnergyStar certification


  • Only one Home Flex can be paired to an account
  • The product is heavily dependent on the app

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Leviton EV48W Smart EV Charger (48 Amp)

Leviton EV48W EVSE for F-150 Lightning

For F-150 drivers looking for a home charging station with smart home integration, the Leviton EV48W is a good option. Leviton is a brand with a 100+ year history in home products, and their EV charging products demonstrate a high commitment to safety. Our only complaint is that at 18 feet, the charging cord could be a little bit longer.

Leviton’s EV chargers integrate nicely with the My Leviton app and home automation features. If you’re using any Leviton smart home automation products, their charging station will be a great addition. This charging station comes in 32-amp and 48-amp SKUs, and you’ll want the 48 if your electrical panel can handle a 60+ amp load.


  • Amperage: Up to 48 amps
  • EV Connector: J1772
  • Home Connection: hardwire-only
  • Cord Length: 18 feet
  • Cord Thickness: 16.1 mm (32 amp version)
  • Cord Gauge: AWG 10 (32 amp version)
  • Weatherproofing:
    NEMA 3R
  • Networking: Yes
  • App Control: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Works very well with Leviton’s home automation app
  • RFID security access cards


  • Cord shorter than competing products
  • must be hardwired, no NEMA 14-50 plug-in option

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Ford Charge Station Pro (80 Amp)

Ford Charge Station Pro mounted on wall

The Charge Station Pro from Ford is the native home charging equipment for the F-150. This box comes included with the Extended Range battery models of the truck, so those truck owners do not need to buy a separate home charger.

Charge Station Pro can charge the truck at up to 80 Amps (19 kW), if your home has a 100 Amp dedicated circuit. Otherwise, the charger can be de-rated as low as 20 Amps. This is the only home charger capable of bi-directional charging with the F-150 Lightning. The EV connector on this charger has two extra pins that are able to send power back into the home over CCS.

This charging station was co-developed with Siemens and delivers powerful performance. But it is likely overkill for owners of the standard range truck. If you do not plan on using bi-directional charging, you may want to consider third-party options to save some money, because the standard range F-150 Lightning is only able to charge at 48 Amps (11.3 kW) anyway.

  • Up to 80 amps to Extended Range truck, 48 amps for Standard Range
  • Bi-directional charging
  • 25-foot-long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • Hardwired installation
  • A dedicated 100A circuit is required for full power
  • 0-100% Charging time: 8-9 hours (SR), 7-8 hours (Ext. Range)
  • Bi-directional charging,
  • Sends up to 40 amps (9.6 kW) back to the home
  • Many homes require electrical upgrades to take advantage of the full 80 Amps
  • More expensive than competitors

Autel MaxiCharger (50 Amp)

Autel Maxicharger for F-150 Lightning

The Autel MaxiCharger is available in 32/40/50 Amp versions and is very reasonably priced. This home charging station from Autel is gaining popularity lately because the product offers good quality hardware and a very polished connectivity/app experience. But what really sets the MaxiCharger apart is the integrated RFID card reader. This EV charger can be programmed to unlock using almost any RFID card.

This is great for an outdoor or underground apartment parking installation, where you want to prevent strangers from stealing the electricity. The 40 Amp version can work from a NEMA 14-50 wall plug, but the 50 Amp version will require a hardwired installation to deliver the full 11 kW to the F-150 Lightning.


  • Amperage: Up to 40 amps
  • EV Connector: J1772
  • Home Connection: NEMA 14-50, 6-50, or hardwired
  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Weatherproofing:
    NEMA 4X
  • Networking: Wi-Fi + BT
  • App Control: Yes
  • RFID card reader for security
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intuitive app,
  • RFID card reader for locking charger


  • The charging cord could be more flexible in freezing temperatures

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AMPROAD iFlow P9 (40 Amp)

AMPROAD iFlow P9 for F-150

If you’re looking for a plug-in home EV charger that can hit the road too, the AMPROAD iFlow P9 is a good 40 Amp option. This charger includes a wall mounting bracket, a cord holder, a generous 25-foot length, and a thick and durable cable. Basically, all the criteria for daily use home EV chargers.

However, you can slide the charger out from its wall mount, roll it up, and tuck it away into the included travel bag, and you have a perfectly adequate portable EV charger.

Downsides? Not many. However, the smart features require the user to connect to the Wi-Fi network created by the charger instead of going through dedicated apps.



  • Amperage: Up to 40 amps
  • EV Connector: J1772
  • Home Connection: NEMA 14-50
  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Cord Gauge: 8 AWG
  • Weatherproofing:
  • Networking: Wi-Fi
  • App Control: No, web interface only
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Portable, has a high quality and thick cable
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • NEMA 14-50 placement at the top of the box may limit mounting options
  • Smart connectivity functions may have a learning curve

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F-150 Lightning Front View
F-150 Lightning Interior Battery Indicator

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Frequently Asked Questions about charging the Ford F-150 Lightning

Can the Ford F-150 Lightning use Tesla Supercharger stations?

Yes. As of February 29, 2024, Ford is one of the first brands allowed to use the Supercharger network. Ford will be distributing NACS (Tesla’s connector) to CCS adapters that will allow Ford EVs to connect to V3 and V4 Superchargers. The F-150 Lightning must have the latest software to take advantage of Superchargers. Owners can request their adapter on this page.
Future Ford cars built after 2025 are expected to include the NACS plug natively and, therefore not needing adapters to use the Tesla charging network.

Does the F-150 Lightning include a home charging station?

Only the extended range (130 kWh) models include Ford’s Charge Station Pro bi-directional box. The standard range battery models include a complimentary 32 Amp Ford Mobile Charger that is capable of charging both on level 1 and level 2. We recommend drivers keep the mobile charger in their truck for emergencies and install a dedicated charging station at their home or business.

Does the Ford F-150 Lightning have a heat pump?

No, the F-150 uses a resistive electric heater that works like regular space heaters. This means there will be a noticeable range penalty in freezing weather. Drivers can mitigate range loss by charging up their trucks to a higher battery percentage during the winter.

How fast can the F-150 Lightning charge at home?

The standard range 98 kWh battery pack trucks can charge at 48 Amps (11 kW), while the extended range 131 kWh trucks have dual onboard AC chargers that can accept up to 80 amps (19 kW).

How fast can the F-150 Lightning charge at public DC fast charging stations?

The standard range battery trucks can accept up to 120 kW, and the larger battery pack F-150s max out at 155 kW.

Is any charging equipment included with the F-150 Lightning?

The extended range F-150 includes Ford’s own Charge Station Pro with the purchase of the truck. The standard range truck includes Ford’s Mobile Power Cord, which is capable of 32 Amp Level 2 charging. We recommend owners keep the Mobile Power Cord in their trucks for on-road mobile use and install a 40-50 Amp home charging station for day-to-day use.

What size circuit breaker do I need to charge an F-150 Lightning at home?

Circuit breakers are designed to operate safely at 80% of their stated capacity, continuously. Therefore an 80 amp charging station needs a 100 amp breaker and wiring. A 48-amp charging station needs a 60-amp breaker, etc.

Where is the charging port located on the F-150 Lightning?

On the driver’s side front quarter panel, between the front wheel and the driver’s door. F-150 Lightning Chargeport locstion

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