Tesla – AC vs. Fans vs. Windows Energy Consumption Tested

AC vs. Fans vs. Windows cracked Tested in the summer

With most of the country sitting under some type of heat warning in late July, we decided to revisit Tesla’s impressive HVAC efficiency. We tested the heat pump system last winter, but this time we want to measure the extra energy consumption of cooling the cabin. Main Findings: Test Setup: Limitations

Tested: Heat Pump in Cold Weather – How much range is lost?

Increased energy consumption due to heating of PTC vs. heat pump tested

The other week we investigated how much extra energy is required for driving a PTC heater-equipped Tesla Model 3 in freezing temperatures. Our tests showed that generously heating the cabin to 71 degrees Fahrenheit required an additional 26% of energy during a 15 mile loop! We decided to repeat the same experiment with a heat […]

Tested: PTC Resistive Heat in EVs – How much range is lost?

PTC Heat vs. No Heat in EVs in Cold Weather

Electric cars generally fall into two categories when it comes to heating the cabin in cold weather: PTC electrical resistance heat in less expensive EVs, and heat pump HVAC systems in more expensive and sophisticated EVs. PTC heating is more cost effective to manufacture but requires significantly more energy to operate. How much extra energy […]

Testing power output of Tesla USB Type-C Ports

Testing all of the USB Type C Ports on latest Teslas

The latest Model 3 and Y Teslas come with two Type-C charging ports in the front and two more for rear passengers. We just took delivery of the newest Model Y out of Fremont (September 2022 build), and wanted to find out if USB Power Delivery is supported and how much wattage comes out of […]