Electrify Expo Miami 2023

Ford Mustang GT 1400 on the skid pad at Electrify Expo Miami

EVchargerReviews attended Electrify Expo Miami on October 14, 2023. A rainy Miami morning cleared the way for a fun-filled EV day at the Miami-Dade County Fair where the largest EV manufacturers, EV charging industry, and fans gathered for an action-packed EV festival. Electrify Expo continues throughout the weekend of October 14-15 and moves on to Austin in November.

Electrify Expo events are a perfect opportunity for the general public to test drive electric vehicles from brands like Tesla, Porsche, Kia, Ford, VW, and others. This year, Ford has a dedicated skidpad track to show off the capabilities of the production-spec Mustang Mach-E GT that can shred tires in “drift mode”, and a prototype Mach-E GT 1400 (that’s the number of horsepower!) racecar that leaves a cloud of tire smoke wherever it goes.

Chargely.app has a presence at the show to promote their awesome public charger finder app. Charging infrastructure still has a long way to go in development, and Chargely’s community-driven approach helps drivers find the best place to charge nearby or along their route.

Exhibitors from home EV charging manufacturers and installers are also on hand to educate the public on the ease of transition to sustainable driving. Leviton had an exhibit to promote their 48-amp, RFID-capable home charging station. Local Miami charging installers like folks from CommunityEV.io were also on hand to educate consumers on what it takes to install a level 2 home charging station.

Other than cool cars, Electrify Expo features a large area dedicated to personal electric vehicles (PEVs) like bikes, scooters, and skateboards that can often replace cars altogether for short-distance travel.

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