Preproduction Tesla Cybertruck Gallery

Model 3 Charging Next to Cybertruck

We got our closest look yet at a preproduction Cybertruck at New Braunfels Supercharger on November 12th, just an hour south of Giga Texas. It was awe-inspiring to see this thing in sheet metal form after seeing the truck for years in photos. The stainless steel body and overall shape of the truck make it look absolutely unreal, like it was photoshopped into the world.

We parked our Model 3 rental car right alongside the Cybertruck to get a sense of scale between the smallest and largest Tesla. Sitting inside the Model 3, you can’t even make eye contact with the driver of the Cybertruck.

The prototype we spotted was sitting on Cybertruck-specific Goodyear all-terrain tires with scuffed-up rims, but no wheel covers. It certainly looks like this Cybertruck was being put through onroad and offroad testing before the official start of deliveries at the end of November 2023.

The charge port location is in the left rear corner of the truck, hidden in the wheel arch trim of the truck. We’re assuming this charge port door is motorized like on other Teslas. The cord was just barely long enough to reach the charging port of the truck, at this V3 Supercharger in New Braunfels.

Cybertruck specific Goodyear tires
Cybertruck specific Goodyear tires

The lucky new owners taking delivery of the Cybertruck this year better be ready for becoming celebrities of their local area. Because more than half of the people driving/passing by the parked Cybertruck stopped to take photos. Despite the muted gray tones, this truck gets more attention than the loudest and brightest exotic cars.

Full Cybertruck Gallery

Photo credit: Michael Kim,

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