EVACA Spoiler Installed and Tested: OEM Look Without OEM Price

EVACA Spoiler reviewed

Only the top “Performance” trims of Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles come from the factory with trunk lid spoilers installed. If you have a Long Range or RWD spec car, Tesla will be happy to sell a spoiler to you for $700 through a service center. Luckily there is a big aftermarket selection of spoilers for Tesla to help your ride stand out from the rest.

However, we were after a more subtle and “OEM” look for our Model Y. Nothing that is comically large, or something that looks out of place. That is when we landed on the spoiler offered by EVACA, after several days of research and consideration. EVACA offers a true carbon fiber option for less than 1/3 of the price of the original equipment or an ABS plastic version with coating for about 1/5 of the price. Both products are in the same shape as the original Tesla product but can be purchased in gloss or matte finish.

We went for a gloss finish ABS plastic version because it looked good in pictures and the price was too good to pass up. The product shipped for free the next day from EVACA and took about a week to be delivered. The product was shipped wrapped in a plastic bag and probably looked like an archery bow to an unsuspecting delivery person.


Like all of these trunk lid spoilers, the EVACA spoiler comes with double-sided tape that is peeled back and attached directly to the car.

We started the process with a quick rinse and hand wash of the back of the car. The quality of the wash and the cleanliness of the clear coat will determine how well the tape will stick. If the paint is dirty and grimy, it may be worth using additional products like tar/bug remover or clay bar.

Next, we dry-fitted the spoiler. At this step, masking tape is useful to mark where the edges of the spoiler will sit. Using a measuring tape, we determined that the spoiler is centered on the trunk lid where there are just under 7 inches from the edges of the spoiler to the edges of the trunk lid.

It was only 8 degrees C (46 F) in our garage that day. Because adhesive tape works better in warmer temperatures, we spent a minute or two warming up the surface of the trunk lid with a hair dryer. After this stage, we were ready to peel back the tape and gently apply the spoiler, using the masking tape guides we made earlier.

Gently apply pressure to the spoiler, initially from the center and then going out to the edges. We applied more heat to the area after attaching the spoiler, again just to promote adhesion in this colder ambient temperature. It is worth spending 5-10 minutes applying pressure and warmth to the spoiler area and monitoring the side edges, where the tape is most likely to fail.

It is not clear if the tape on this product is from 3M or another manufacturer. However, after several days of driving in windy and frigid conditions, this thing won’t budge when moderate pressure is applied.


We were very impressed with the finished results. The EVACA spoiler adds a nice touch to the back of the Model Y at a low price. You have to look very closely at the spoiler to determine that there is no real carbon weave and that the product is not original equipment. The spoiler contours the shape of the trunk lid perfectly, and the edges align without any gaps. This may actually be another advantage of the plastic spoiler because it has more flexibility than carbon fiber, and can therefore bend and adhere to the trunk easier.

Longer-term longevity is still to be determined. Reviewers of other plastic spoilers have complained that the finish may deteriorate and fade over time. This product seems to be well enough made to face the elements. We will certainly revisit this review after more exposure to winter grime, power washes, and summer heat waves.

You can order one here.

Evaca Spoiler for Tesla from above
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