How to check if your Tesla has the AMD Ryzen CPU/APU?

Check if your Tesla has the AMD CPU to take advantage of the new UI.

Tesla just announced some major UI improvements coming to their lineup of cars later this spring. In an X post on April 16th, Tesla previews the new visuals closely resembling the darker UI screen of the Cybertruck with a visualization of the car taking up a larger portion of the screen. There are a number of other new software enhancements too. However, it seems that this new look will be exclusive to more recent cars with infotainment screens powered by the AMD Ryzen APU chip. Older cars with Intel Atom hardware are likely going to stay on the current version of the UI.

How do you know if your Tesla has the AMD Ryzen APU?

  • Open the main car menu in your Tesla and go to the “Software” screen.
  • Find the “Additional Vehicle Information” link that opens the following screen…
  • Look here for “Infotainment processor”. You will either see Intel Atom or AMD Ryzen

Tesla began the transition from Intel chips to AMD in the first half of 2022, often mixing and alternating suppliers until their Intel supply was exchanged. By the second half of 2022, all new cars were arriving with AMD Ryzen chips.

Why are Intel-powered Tesla left out of this update?

Based on Tesla’s X post, it does not look like Intel Atom cars are getting the new UI features. There has been no word on whether a hardware retrofit will be offered to those customers. Anyone vaguely familiar with computer hardware knows that Intel makes great CPUs, but their integrated graphics chips historically offered only very basic performance. I believe Tesla is already pushing the Intel hardware as far as possible with the existing graphical UI. The latest FSD visualizations and UI scrolling are just so much smoother on Ryzen chips than on Intel systems, and the new UI will require better hardware performance than Intel Atom chips can support.

See the full announcement below.

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