EVchargerReviews at Fully Charged LIVE Vancouver

Polestar 3 SUV at Fully Charged LIVE show, Vancouver

EVchargerReviews attended the first Canadian Fully Charged LIVE on Friday, September 8th. We were delighted to meet exhibitors and attendees from all over North America, sharing a common mission to stop burning fossil fuels. Robert Llewellyn started the Fully Charged YouTube channel 13 years ago to bring electrification stories to the forefront. The channel recently surpassed 1 million subscribers, and Fully Charged is now a global brand with traveling trade shows.

The event is an interactive experience with live panels, demonstrations, and even test drives. Over 40 electric cars are in the test drive fleet from brands like Ford, Kia, Genesis, Polestar, VinFast, and others. Reservations for test drives are on a first come first serve basis.

Fully Charged LIVE also served as the Canadian unveiling of the new Polestar 3 electric SUV in prototype form. Two examples are at the show in gorgeous white paint. Hyundai also has a preproduction unit of the recently announced and updated 2024 Kona Electric with all new exterior and updated drivetrain.

In addition to automotive exhibitors, there are vendors helping consumers understand green home energy systems like solar, battery storage, and heat pump HVAC systems.

If you are in the Vancouver area this weekend (September 8-10, 2023) visit the Fully Charged LIVE at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn about the electrification of cars, homes, and personal mobility devices.


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