How much does it cost to charge at a Supercharger?

Model Y at a Tesla Supercharger

The Tesla Supercharger Network is by far the largest Level 3 DC fast charging network in the world. Access to the Supercharger network makes long-distance travel as easy as filling up at a gasoline fuel station. Used to be an exclusive perk to Tesla drivers, but now the Supercharger network is gradually opening up to other EV car brands in Europe, and soon in North America.

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How much does it cost to charge at a Supercharger in the US?

Depends on location and time of day, but expect to pay between $0.17 and $0.43 per kWh, with most sessions averaging around $0.31 /kWh as of late 2022 and early 2023.

How many kWh do you need to charge? It takes about 45 kWh to add 60% to the battery of a Tesla Model Y Long Range, which is a typical charging stop on a road trip. 45 kWh of energy at $0.31 per kWh would mean $13.95 for the charging session billed to your account.

How are charging fees calculated?

Most Supercharger stations will have flat fees per kWh. Some stations will have different flat rates based on the time of day, with significantly cheaper rates at night during off-peak hours. While others will bill the user per minute of charging, with several charging speed tiers. Let’s take a look at several example screenshots below.

Are Tesla Superchargers free?

No, most Tesla Superchargers are billing users by the kWh of energy, and some are billing by the minute. Early in Tesla’s history, the cars were offered with free unlimited and transferable Supercharging, but that stopped in 2017.

Supercharger Rates around the US and Canada

Bishop, CA - $0.41/kWh
Bishop, CA – $0.41/kWh
Parachute, CO - $0.35/kWh
Parachute, CO – $0.35/kWh
Richfield, UT - $0.40/kWh
Richfield, UT – $0.40/kWh
Santa Nella, CA - $0.41/kWh
Santa Nella, CA – $0.41/kWh
Davie, FL - $0.17-0.35/kWh based on time of day
Davie, FL – $0.17-0.35/kWh based on time of day
Port Orange, FL - $0.33/kWh
Port Orange, FL – $0.33/kWh
Brunswick, GA - $0.20-1.05 /minute of charging, depending on speed
Brunswick, GA – $0.20-1.05 /minute of charging, depending on speed
Plymouth, NC - $0.35/kWh
Plymouth, NC – $0.35/kWh
Exmore, VA - $0.34/kWh
Exmore, VA – $0.34/kWh
Deptford, NJ - $0.31/kWh
Deptford, NJ – $0.31/kWh
Batavia, NY - $0.38/kWh
Batavia, NY – $0.38/kWh
Markham, ON, Canada - CA $0.33-1.05 /minute
Markham, ON, Canada – CA $0.33-1.05 /minute

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