Make (or buy) an AirPods Wireless Charging Adapter for your Tesla

AirPods Pros charging in a Tesla with a 3d printed adapter

Teslas are some of the most popular new cars on the road, and AirPods Pros are perhaps the most popular new earbuds for sale. Did you know that the “Qi” wireless charging pads under the Tesla dashboard use the same technology as the wireless charging for AirPods? The only problem is that the AirPods case is much smaller than a smartphone, so the charging coils do not line up.

I’ve made this 3D printer file to solve my own personal problem, but I am sharing it with the world because many other Tesla and AirPods owners will benefit.

If you or a friend has access to a 3D printer, you can make this adapter for charging AirPods Pros in all modern Teslas (S3XY + Cybertruck) for less than a dollar in materials and electricity. Some public libraries also offer 3D printing services by weight.

My version of the AirPods charging adapter
With Airpods inserted.

This design consumes about 27 grams of material and prints in under 2 hours on a basic home printer, I use a very cheap one from Tronxy.

I’ve strategically placed cutouts on all sides for easy retrieval of the AirPods case. The adapter centers itself in one of the two smartphone charging docks in current Tesla cars. It takes a few seconds the the charging to initiate.

If you love the idea of wirelessly charging AirPods in your car, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of making an adapter, commercial versions also exist on Amazon. But where’s the fun in that?

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