Can you charge a Tesla on the FLO charging network?

Can you charge a Tesla on FLO network?

The FLO network operates thousands of Level 2 and fast DC Level 3 charging points across Canada and the United States. According to the company, there are 95k+ charging points across the continent, serving over a million charging sessions monthly. You are likely to find FLO’s blue chargers in parking lots, points of interest, and street parking in regions as this network continues to grow.

Can you charge Tesla cars on the FLO network?

The short answer is “Yes” and it works very well, but some planning may be required.

Level 2 Charging on FLO

FLO’s Level 2 destination chargers are the slimmer machines outfitted with J1772 connectors. You can expect an output of around 6.2 kW, with some machines billing by the hour while others have per kWh fees.

Every modern Tesla car is capable of charging on any J1772 charging station using the J1772-to-Tesla adapter that was included with the car from the factory. You will need a user account with FLO, and their mobile app (iOS / Android) to unlock the connector and begin a charging session.

We recommend drivers always keep a J1772 adapter inside their cars for charging opportunities at public stations. If you lost yours or need a spare, these adapters are inexpensive to replace. Most non-Tesla vehicles right now use native J1772 plugs, but that is expected to change in the coming years because many car manufacturers have announced their intention to switch to Tesla/NACs plugs.

Level 2 charging is perfect when parking for an hour or longer, but if you’re on the road and need a quick charge look for Level 3 chargers instead.

Level 2 FLO charger
J1772 adapter

Level 3 DC Charging on FLO

FLO’s Level 3 DC fast chargers are larger machines that look like gasoline pumps. These charging machines typically have CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, but no Tesla (NACS) connectors. Power output is usually 50 or 100 kW, depending on location.

So how can Tesla drivers take advantage of FLO’s fast chargers? In recent years CCS-to-Tesla adapters have hit the market and become very popular. These adapters expand charging options for Tesla drivers beyond Supercharging stations, allowing them to charge at FLO stations (and other networks) often at a much lower cost.

Tesla cars built after October 2020 are compatible with CCS adapters, but older vehicles may still be eligible for electronics retrofit to make CCS charging work. Unfortunately, third-party charging options like FLO will not appear in Tesla’s navigation screen for charging options. This means the user needs to find FLO locations through the FLO app, and also initiate charging sessions through the app.

Frequent FLO users can also get a FLO RFID card that can be linked to their account, to save the hassle of using a mobile phone.

CCS to NACS adapter
CCS to Tesla (NACS) adapter
Level 3 FLO charger
Tesla Model Y charging at FLO Level 3 station

Is FLO going to support Tesla/NACS connectors in the Future?

Yes, FLO made a statement in June 2023 that the native Tesla connector (also known as North American Charging Standard) will be supported by FLO chargers in the future. However, at the time of this article, most (if not all) FLO stations are using either J1772, CCS, or CHAdeMO.

FLO also offers a solidly-build Level 2 home charging station that performs well in harsh weather and pairs with the same great mobile app. We have reviewed and tested this product with our Tesla Model Y using an adapter.

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