Attending National Drive Electric Week 2023

Model Y with rotating doors - National Drive Electric Week

Drive Electric Week is a celebration of all plug-in vehicles all over the US and Canada, happening Sep 22-Oct 1, 2023. This year marked the 12th year of in-person events! Local EV associations and clubs take part in a coordinated national movement to host meetings to promote electric driving. On September 30th, EVchargerReviews attended the […]

EVchargerReviews at Fully Charged LIVE Vancouver

Polestar 3 SUV at Fully Charged LIVE show, Vancouver

EVchargerReviews attended the first Canadian Fully Charged LIVE on Friday, September 8th. We were delighted to meet exhibitors and attendees from all over North America, sharing a common mission to stop burning fossil fuels. Robert Llewellyn started the Fully Charged YouTube channel 13 years ago to bring electrification stories to the forefront. The channel recently […]

EVs and Horsepower? How to Convert kW to HP

Horsepower vs. kilowatts for Electric Cars

When most people think about automotive performance, horsepower figures come to mind. We have used the HP figures for generations to compare the engine power of different vehicles. First adopted in the 18th century to measure the output of steam engines, horsepower became one of the headline metrics for automotive marketing. Many car manufacturers are […]

Why is charging measured in Miles Per Hour for EVs?

Why is charging measured in miles per hour?

Consumers transitioning from gasoline combustion cars to electric vehicles may find it odd to see charging speeds displayed in miles per hour. The car is obviously stationary while charging, so why display the charging speed this way? Well, it is actually the number of miles added back into the battery per hour of charging, to […]

How to make a Tesla charge faster at home

How to charge a Tesla faster at home

Charging at home is a convenience enjoyed by EV drivers, because starting every drive with a charged battery is easier than having to stop for gas. But what if your charging setup is not providing enough miles added per hour? The most obvious solution is to maximize the available amperage from your circuit breaker to […]

Research Reveals the States with the Highest Number of EV Charging Stations

Fast DC EV Chargers Map by State

Research Reveals the States with the Highest Number of EV Charging Stations Charging has always been the greatest sticking point for electric vehicles (EVs). It was the primary reason why initial take-up was slow. But with around 6.75 million EVs sold globally in 2021, and 9.5 million units predicted to sell in 2022, the place […]

How long does it take to charge an EV?

how long does it take to charge an electric car

Prospective Electric Vehicle owners are often curious how long it takes to top up a battery with electricity, and whether driving electric will fit their lifestyle. We’re here to explain some misconceptions and prepare you for the all electric future. Electric car charging consists of three standard levels, with each one being progressively faster.  Level […]