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Best Home EV Charger for Hyundai Kona Electric

The Kona EV is a truly practical and affordable compact electric SUV from Hyundai. Introduced in 2019, and priced from the mid-$30k (not including incentives), the Kona Electric is attainable by average new car budgets, not just wealthy car buyers.  

Hyundai was able to achieve both an impressive battery capacity and drivetrain efficiency, despite the car being based on the regular gasoline powered Kona. New Kona EVs in 2022 include a 64 kWh battery, a front-wheel-drive single motor, and an impressive EPA rated range of 258 miles.

For charging, the Kona Electric uses a common J1772 / CCS connector, and the onboard equipment is able to receive as much as 7.2 kW from a Level 2 source. With a 40 amp home charging setup, you can typically expect to fully recharge the Kona EV in about 9 hours. Below are our recommended products for charging the Kona EV at home.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar Plus for Kona EV

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is our top pick for a charger with a compact and attractive design at just 7.8″ x 7.9″ x 3.9″ in dimensions.

Available in 40 and 48 amp versions, the Pulsar Plus can charge up to 8 times faster than Level 1 (120v) charging. The Wallbox unit features a 25 foot long cable, the maximum allowed length. The 48 amp version of the Pulsar Plus is able to deliver up to 11.5 kW of power, cutting down charge times for Kona EV owners to just a few hours rather than overnight.

Wallbox also works great for households with multiple EVs that need to be charged simultaneously. Two or more Wallbox chargers on the same circuit can communicate between each other and balance the available household power between chargers.


  • 40 and 48 amp versions
  • 25 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50 outlet, or hardwired
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity


Compact design with clear indicator lights, myWallbox app companion app for control and charge monitoring


The app is rather basic compared to other chargers

Lectron 240V 40 Amp

Lectron 40 AMP for Kona EV

Lectron makes a ton of models, but this specific 40 amp charger is our favorite budget pick. Small, light and portable. But unlike most travel charging adapters, the 40 amp Lectron could be your main home charger.

There are no apps or connectivity options, but the always-on display shows you the critical information about the charging session such as: current, voltage, temperature, and charge time. Most new EVs allow you to schedule charging sessions from their infotainment system anyway.

Downsides? The warranty is only one year, and this charger is not suitable for frequent outdoor use (especially not in extreme climates) Full review.


  • 40 amps
  • 18 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50 plug, no hardwiring


Great power output for a budget charger, more portable than wall mounted chargers, always on display with charge stats


Not really suitable for outdoor operation, Lectron customer service does not have a great reputation, shorter warranty than premium brands

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger 40 AMP

Grizzl-E Level 2 Charger for Kona EV

The Level 2 home charger from Grizzl-E is a compelling option for Kona EV owners looking for durability and value. It is a simple utilitarian design metal box with an LED indicator light and heavy duty construction. There are no screens or wifi connectivity options, just an industrial looking box with 40 amps of power delivery, which should translate to about 9 kW usable charging speed.

Grizzl-E is based in Canada, so their products are designed to perform in extreme weather conditions. The operating temperature range is between -22F to 122F for outdoor usage.  

This charger is available with either NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 06-50 wall connectors (check the SKU when ordering), and all variants can be hardwired by an electrician. 


  • 40 amps, or as low as 16
  • 24 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50, NEMA 06-50, or hardwired options 


Good value, durable construction and materials, heavy duty charging cable, suitable for extreme climates 


No smart features or app control

Keruida Level 2, 40 Amp

Keruida Level 2 EV Charger fpr Kona Electric

Keruida’s Level 2 40 amp charger is another great value option that frequently goes on sale. This charger can be used for portability, as well as a main home charging station. Although it is IP65 rated for water resistance, we would not recommend this charger for extended outdoor usage, especially not in extreme climates.  

We like the generous 25 foot long charge cable that allows drivers to park their cars in either front/rear orientation. There are five amperage settings between 16 and 40 amps for flexibility on a range of circuits. 


  • 40 amps
  • 25 foot charge cable
  • Indoor operation
  • NEMA 14-50 wall plug


Great value level 2 charger with 25 foot long cable. An easy to use delay timer helps you take advantage of lower time of use electricity rates.


Not suitable as a main charger for outdoor operation. The J1772 side of the cable is water resistant, but the NEMA 14-50 side may be exposed to moisture. 

Blink Home Charger for Kona EV

Blink is another commercial charging equipment manufacturer that expanded into home charging products. But unlike the ChargePoint charger, there is no wifi or app involved here. Just a high quality commercial-grade charger with a peak output of 32 amps. The simplicity of operation could make the Blink charger ideal for people who do not want to deal with apps and screens.

While not the most powerful charger, 32 amps equates to 7.6 kW of power, enough to top up most EVs overnight from empty.

The high quality cable is a generous 25 feet long, and should be able to reach your EV’s charge port no matter how you park it in your garage or driveway.


  • Up to 32 amp charging
  • 25 foot long charge cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 6-50 plug 


Energy Star Certified, UL listed, dead simple to use, clear status indicator lights


No app or smart connectivity

Amazon Basics Level 2 Charging Station

Amazon Basics Level 2 Charging Station for Hyundai Kona EV

AmazonBasics brand is known for their no frills, but dependable products. That was exactly our conclusion with their Level 2 Home Charging Station.

AmazonBasics undercuts the premium brands on price without sacrificing much on design or quality. The 32 amp rating will add about 25 miles of driving range per hour of charge, which is plenty if the majority of your charging is done overnight. The clean white box design will blend seamlessly into its surroundings (especially against white walls).

Like the other simple chargers from our rankings, there is no connectivity or scheduling with this charger. You will need to rely on your EV’s internal settings/apps for that.


  • 32 amps
  • Cable length: 18 and 25 foot versions available
  • Indoor/Outdoor operation
  • NEMA 6-50 outlet, can be hardwired


RedDot Design winner, easy to use, undercuts competitors on price, can be installed outdoors


No apps or connectivity, tops out at 32 amps, one year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about charging the Kona Electric

How do I charge my Kona EV at home?

Hyundai supplies a portable charger with the Kona Electric that is able to connect to a wall outlet for Level 1 charging. However, this will take up to 59 hours to fully charge at a rate of 1.2 kW. For faster overnight charges, consider getting a Level 2 home charger that will operate at 240 volts and charge at speeds of 5 kW and greater. EVchargerReviews maintains a list of recommended chargers for the Kona EV.

How much does it cost to charge a Hyundai Kona Electric at home?

Typically between $7 and $10 depending on your electricity rates. For example, with a rate of 13 cents per kW and assuming 95% charging efficiency, it would cost $8.75 to fully recharge the 64 kWh battery of the Kona EV at home. Given the 258 mile range, the cost per mile works out to just 3.4 cents.

Where is the charging plug located on the Kona EV?

On the front of the car, slightly off-center toward the driver side. This is a very convenient placement for parking front-in towards a charger.

What kind of charging adapter does the Kona EV need?

Standard Type 2 / CCS connector, like the majority of other EVs.

What is the range of the Hyundai Kona EV?

The EPA rated the range of the Kona Electric to be 258 miles, using the 64 kWh battery and achieving 120 MPGe for combined city/highway cycle.

Is the Kona EV available in AWD?

No, there is only one drivetrain choice, a 201 horsepower front axle motor. Hyundai offers the Ioniq 5 EV with an AWD dual motor option.

What are the standard wheel and tire sizes on the Kona EV?

The car comes on 17-inch wheels and 215/55R17 tires, this frugal combination helps the Kona achieve a relatively high energy efficiency and range. As a plus, this size of tire is relatively inexpensive to replace.

How many amps can Kona EV take?

Up to 32 amps on Level 2 charging at home.

What is the battery warranty for Hyundai Kona Electric?

8 years /100,000 Miles

Should I charge my Kona EV to 100%?

Yes you can, but avoid charging to 100% most of the time. Lithium nickel cobalt chemistry batteries age and degrade quicker if they spend prolonged amounts of time at very low or very high state of charge. Most manufacturers suggest charging to 80 or 90% on a daily basis, and only charging to 100% before going on a longer trip when you need extended range.

How fast can the Kona Electric charge on public Level 3 chargers?

The maximum charging rate in optimal conditions is 77 kWh.

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