Can you charge a Tesla on the Blink network?

Can you charge a Tesla on the Blink network?

The Blink charging network is a Level 2 public charging network in the US with locations coast to coast. Since 2009, more than 78,000 charging stations have been deployed by Blink, making it one of the largest charging networks. Unlike competitors, Blink designs, manufactures, and operates charging stations by partnering with commercial property owners. This ensures a consistent experience for EV owners charging on Blink.

Are Teslas compatible with charging on Blink?

Yes, you can easily charge any modern Tesla vehicle on the Blink charging network, but you will need an adapter. At present, Blink level 2 public chargers are equipped with J1772 connectors to ensure broad compatibility with all brands of EVs.

Teslas, of course, use a different connector called NACS (North American Charging Standard). This connector is likely to replace J1772 and CCS in the coming years, but for now, we need to carry adapters to ensure everyone can charge everywhere. A J1772-to-Tesla adapter is included with every Tesla car from the factory. However, if you have misplaced yours, replacements can be purchased online usually for ~$50.

How fast can you charge on Blink chargers?

Blink operates “Level 2” charging stations. Level 2 chargers are more suitable for destination charging than road trip charging. Therefore, you are most likely to find Blink’s charging stations at parking lots and commercial properties where the driver is expected to spend time. In my experience, Blink’s charging stations supply around 200 volts and 32 amps, delivering about 6 kW of power. You must park and charge for at least an hour or two to make the charging session worthwhile.

How to charge on Blink public chargers?

The main method for activating Blink public chargers is through the Blink iOS and Android apps. The app will help you find nearby charging locations, confirm availability, and activate new charging sessions. In addition to registered user accounts, Blink also lets drivers charge as guests.

Simply pull up to an available charging space, and connect the J1772 cord to your Tesla using a charging adapter. Each charging station has a unique unit number displayed on the screen, confirm that number in the app before activating the session.

Tesla charging on Blink charger at 6 kW


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